Kinga Chrzaszczewska


Kinia Kik Selfie

Kinga Chrzaszczewska A.K.A. Kinia Kik a professional award-winning artist with a BA Honours Degree in Mixed Media Fine Art completed in 2006, honoured with 1st place at the Festival of Fine Arts Workshops at “Wolski Days of Inspiration” by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Kinga Chrzaszczewska has completed a series of illustrations for “Stopa” an imaginary text written by Pawel Kisza A.K.A. Pawel Aleksander Deszcz published in July 2019.

Kinia Kik, is an artist who has lived in London and Southern England since 1995. Her work is an expression of her intuitive self, born out of her dreams and emotional response to the world. She is a ‘woman who runs with the wolves’, driven by a spiritual intrigue for the wildness of being, the folk mythology, carnival… and the dream.

“The masks are fascinating for me. I was hiding behind them for most of my life. They appear in my collages, in paintings, sculptures and in my animations. In the tranquillity of my studio, I completely submit to the creative process, this divine power speaks through me
and I listen. I explore materials, techniques and colours. It is fascinating for me that sometimes I have no idea what the end result will show. My inspiration is a palette of colours of my life, each day, every person I meet, my fascination for the art of other artists,
as well as my knowledge and life experience. “

Kinia Kik

Group Exhibitions

05/12/201915/02/2020 – ‘In my own way’ in ‘Emerge Curated Gallery’; London

08/201909/2019  – in ‘Artwave’; Seaford

10/11/201820/11/2018 – ‘Artist in Venice’ conjunction with Biennale in ‘Accorsi Arte Gallery’; Venice Italy

12/201701/2018 – ‘Out of Africa’ in ‘Gallery and Caffe’; Warsaw Poland

09/2013 – ‘Big + Small = All’ in ‘The Old Bath’; Hackney London

12/2008 – ‘Man is a journey of life’ in ‘Galeria pod Dachem Nieba’; Ciechocinek Poland

2007 – ‘4 spotkania z Pragą’; Warsaw

2006 – ‘Lifestyle as Material’ in ‘ADA Gallery’; London

2006 – ‘Privet View – artist and curator’ in ‘Nolia’s Gallery’; London

2006 – ‘Sense and Feasibility – Maid Collective’ in ‘The Lambeth Centre’; London

2006  – ‘The Birds – Graduation Show’ at University of Westminster; London

2005 – ‘Long Weekend’ in ‘London Gallery West’; London

2004 ‘Eyes, Lies and Illusions – Collaborative Animation Project’ in ‘Hayward Gallery’; London

Individual Exhibitions

6/03/2020Present – ‘To sie wklei’ in ‘To sie wytnie’; Warsaw Poland

23/1131/12/2019 – ‘Wonderment’ in ‘Pod Katarynka’; Cracow Poland

5/0929/09/2019 – ‘Kinia Kik: Mind’s Eye’ in ‘Emerge Curated Gallery’; London

16/0216/03/2019 – ‘Solo’ in ‘Yeha Noha’; London

2013 – in ‘La Boheme’; Warsaw Poland

2008 – in ‘Nieporęt’; Warsaw Poland